Tuesday, January 27, 2004

..::[ the holy empire of kingslund ]::..

ok, check me out in my very own nation

The Holy Empire of Kingslund

oh yeah, that's right. i now run a country and am in full control. let's see what happens. i'll put a link up so you can see my nation's progress.

God Bless

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

..::[ wish list ]::..

be sure to check out my new Amazon.com Wish List

just a little list of stuff that i would like to have. i'll be putting new stuff on there now and then, so check it out at christmas time, birthday time, or just whenever you want to get me something. i thought that this might help out family and friends who were not sure what to get me. ok, peace out.

God bless

..::[ fooly cooly ]::..

it's all fooly cooly up in here. i just finished the anime series i got for christmas (thanks tina and kris) called fooly cooly. it's pretty fun, makes no sense really, but fun. i'm thinking about starting to collect the ranma 1/2 series. i know jason remembers that one. those were some good shows. i still have a vhs of oh my goddess! and something else laying around. i should try and find those. i really enjoy anime, i the movie ghost in the shell. that is pretty good too. akira is another good movie.

it kind fo sucks sitting around all day. i really can't do anything right now. it blows. i don't know what i would do if i were single. i would probably be at home or something. kristie is really helping me out. i appreciate her so much. she really does take care of me. she's not making a fuss over it or anything. i love her.

God bless

..::[ test your iq ]::..

iq test
find out how smart you are

God bless

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

..::[ idol update ]::..

wow! atlanta, come on. you're supposed to represent the dirty south..... come on! there was some good stuff, but some really bad things too.

someone please explain to me how you can go on this show and do so bad in the 3rd season?! didn't you see all the other people get ousted? i don't get it. scat girl, you were terrible. how did you not know that? girl who killed the restaurant.... what were you thinking?! you are all crazy. video tape yourself please and look at it. unbelievable.

God bless

..::[ cleaned up and doing fine ]::..

i'm home and resting. just sitting on the couch, watching seinfeld and mad about you on tivo. i love this thing. i've seen so many great seinfelds, and i have found a new love for mad about you.
the surgery went well, in and out. 19 minutes on the table. now i'm doing what i said earlier. it feels good, i can stand on it and walk if i want. no pain really, but they prescribed me something anyway.

kristie is super. she is taking care of me. she made me lunch and gets my ice. she's so nice. she even deals with taking owen out since i can't right now. kristie is the best. i love you babe!

God bless

Monday, January 19, 2004

..::[ american idol 04' ]::..

uh oh, not again. it's time again for simon, randy, and paula to ruin some people's dreams and make some others come true. i can't wait to see something funny. as i'm watching right now, there have already been some pretty funny people auditioning.

be sure to check back here after every show for critiques and predections from kristie and myself. we look forward to a great season with all our ai04 friends.

God bless

Sunday, January 18, 2004

..::[ superbowl ]::..

as it looks right now, we've got the patriots and the panthers in the superbowl. but there are still 8 minutes left..... we'll see. i hope that the panthers get to the game and really give it to the pats.

my wife looks really good in the the pink sweater she's wearing today. i think that she's the most beautiful woman in the wolrd and she totally grabs my attention. let me tell you.... today she is smokin'! ok, that's all.

God bless

Thursday, January 15, 2004

..::[ meniscus update ]::..

ok, i'm getting surgery on tuesday, january 20th. i have to be there at 5:30am. i should be out by 9:30. hopefully we will go straight to First Watch for breakfast, or maybe Waffle House. anywho, that's what's new. be in prayer.

God bless

..::[(through tears)]::..

.... i will miss you Helga. you were with us through the good times and the rough times. like the "little engine that could" - you could... you could and did get us to and fro all the places our hearts desired. i love that you were able to experience so many changes in our lives.

i would like to share with you our memorable times together: the time when andy broke your drivers side seat, your inabilties to produce air conditioning, the fact that your handicap of not having a panel on the drivers side door never kept you from truckin', the season you didn't even have a rearview mirror attached to the windshield, long trips to minnesota, hauling back all of our wedding gifts, when you got your front bumper bumped and the front licensce plate fell off and never got put back on, when the corner of your bugshield was whacked off and we let you look lopsided for too long, owen peeing in your drivers side seat, your wheels going flat too many times to talk about, the time we let your muffler hang on with a metal hanger, raccoons dancing on your rooftop, moving tons and tons of our belongings from place to place... and the list goes on and on.

you have been a true blue friend Helga. you have brought us joy, laughter, frustrations at times, and even tears. your sassiness will never be forgotten. we love you and no other vehicle will EVER take your place.

love always,
God bless

..::[ a moment of silence ]::..

would everyone, please bow their their heads.

Lord, Helga was a good car. a sturdy, reliable vehicle that got to many camping trips, visiting friends and family, and taking people to work day after day. she enjoyed new brakes, exhaust, stereo and a remote start that warmed her up on cold mornings. we cherished her company and friendship. she will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Helga came to us in august of 99' after i tragically totaled Little Blue. she was a beautiful Forest Green, Ford Explorer XLT, with a dimming rear view mirror. she was so clean and sleek. a 94', she had 70,000 miles on her. between trips from normal to carol stream and lincoln, and st. louis and carol stream, we turned that 70,000 into 150,000 in just 5 years.

may Helga find a new family to humbly serve when we donate her to some who can use her. she will be fixed up and hopefully give some new family the friendship and transportation she so graciously gave us for so long.

God bless

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

..::[ mri results ]::..

so, there is a radial tear in my lateral meniscus. what does that mean? well, it means that i am going to get scoped, hopefully on friday. we'll see. the doctor says that this is the most common orthopedic surgical procedure done, and it has a 99% success rate with no complications. so i am hopeful for this surgery. please be praying for both the doctor and myself. this doctor has done good work in the past and i trust him. i'll keep you posted on how it goes.

God bless

Monday, January 12, 2004

..::[ mri ]::..

i'm getting a mri on my knee tomorrow. just checking for a miniscus tear. i've dealt with it all year. but now we'll see if i need to take care of it.

God bless

Sunday, January 11, 2004

..::[ booooooo ]::..

that sucked.

God bless

Friday, January 09, 2004

..::[ playoff time ]::..

so, what, you may ask, is andy king doing the night before the big play-off game? i am sitting here watching "indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark." good movie. now i'm going off to bed. i'll talk to you all after the game.

God bless

Thursday, January 08, 2004

..::[ the passion ]::..

please support this movie so that as many people as possible will be able to see it.
[the passion]

sign the petition here [passion support]

God bless

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

..::[ first nite ]::..

so dissappointing, but what did i expect. what's the first thing that the roomies do......

go on a beer run, then proceed to get wasted and try to hook-up in the hottub. unbelievable. why can't they put some awesome, witnessing, evangelistic believer on the show. that would really mix it up. forget the porn freaks, transexuals, cross-dressers, racists, gold-diggers and the like. we need jesus in the real world.

and that's that.

God bless

[ real world time ]

new season. new roomies. new drama!
get ready.

God bless

Thursday, January 01, 2004

::.. vagueness makes me sick ..::

if you believe in Jesus Christ than say so, and say that if you don't you're wrong. it is that plan. there is no other truth than Jesus. that is why i sent this e-mail to Judah Siegal, a roadie for P.O.D., after he gave a vague reponse on faith in this month's hm magazine.


in your q & a section in the january/february 04' issue of hm magazine, you
replied to a question asking "Is P.O.D. still a Christian Band?..." you
replied with "...I believe it would be wrong for me to impose my faith (how I
relate to my Creator) on anyone else. It is a personal thing. Same with
P.O.D., there is no possible way that they are going to fit everyone's idea of
what a Christian is, or live up to every different expectation from their wide
variety of fans. Just remember that just because something is different from
what you believe, that does not mean it is wrong..."

i want to start by saying that i adhere to the Truth that Jesus Christ died for
my sins and rose again to defeat death. in doing so, He payed the price for my
life so that i can join Him in heaven. this is the Truth. i'm assuming (which
isn't always right) that you believe the same since you are answering questions
in hm. how then can you say that it is wrong for you to impose your faith on
anyone. we are called to impose the Truth on everyone we meet. the
relationship that ensues is the personal part of faith. imposing the Truth is
what gets you there.
the last part of that statement is the most interesting to me. do you believe
that there is more than one Truth? how can there be? 2 + 2 can only equal 4,
no matter what denomination you use. that is a fact, just as Jesus said, "I am
the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through
me." John 14:6. so please do not tell people that gospels other than the one
the Bible spoke of, Paul spoke of, Peter spoke of, Jesus spoke of, aren't wrong
because they are different that the one they believe. the fact that the Truth
is from Jesus makes it right, and the fact that anything else is NOT from Jesus
does make it wrong. your answer seemed to go along with the worldly view of "if it feels good, it's ok"
i simply ask you not to be vague in your faith. be bold. if i have offended
you... good, i'm only out to save lives. if we are on the same page and i
misunderstood, please reply and let me know. i would appreciate a reply either
way. let me know what you think.

in Christ,
andy king

if you get a chance, pick this up and read it, or just scan this section in the back. page 46. i couldn't find it online to give you the entire quote. i'll post up what he says if he sends anything back. i forgot to mention that it used to be taught that if anyone comes to us and preaches a different gospel than the one that we know, we are to kill that person right there. take them out and stone them.

God bless

::.. happy new year ..::

i hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying your 04'. love ya.

God bless