Wednesday, July 23, 2003

ok, i'm outta here. i am leaving in just a short few for rams camp 03'. please be in prayer for me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

::.. and now..... bloggin' from the throne, it's.......
hey everyone, it is me, the undeniable andy king. nice to see you. i am listening to "grits - art of translation" right now, check it out=> grits
now i'm off into the shower to clean up and then get on with our day.

Monday, July 21, 2003

::.. the day is coming....

it's not very long now before i'm off to another camp. i am looking for things to go well this year, but as always that is up to God and we will just have to wait and see. keep me in your prayers.
a lot of other stuff is going on, we are looking at houses and working on financing. kristie is busy with 2 different weddings. i am trying to get organized to be gone for a while.... only a couple days left. so, i'm off to do that stuff!

Saturday, July 19, 2003

::.. wassup?!
we just got back from lake of the ozarks. kristie rode her first waverunner and she loved it! we had a blast out on the lake. we stayed with our friends and went out in their boat friday night. we reall had a great time. i think that kristie really wants a waverunne now. she likes the sea-do but i want a kawasaki. anywho.....
things are going well.... only a few days left until camp. gotta get things started for a new season. pray for me please, it's going to be a hot one i think. my body feels pretty good right now so.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

here is are a couple pics of a dog that we went and saw at an adoption place today. her name is kilo and she is a 8 month old pit. she might be the cutest dog i've ever seen (besides owen of course) -->kilo the pit1, kilo the pit2

what's up folks.....
we just got back on sunday from camping in indiana....
on the way home about 1 1/2 hours from stl, we blew a tire on the explorer! i had just passed an exit when the left front tire felt like it was going low. i was steering sharper and sharper to try and keep it straight, but i felt like i might be able to make it to the next exit. nope! BAM! the front left drops and i see the tread go flying past me up in the air! this is when kristie wakes up, and i guess that i told her we had a flat tire. i'm in the left lane, so i have to get across to the right to get off on the shoulder. thank the Lord the explorer did not get out of control and we pulled over and stopped. a nice couple pulled over also to help us out. i changed the tire and we went on our way. unfortunetly the spare is one of the original firestones so it wasn't much better eh? i haven't taken it in yet. i'll keep everyone updated. here are a couple pics --> tire and me, tire and spare

Sunday, July 13, 2003

i sent this e-mail to strongbad the other day. i hope he writes back. what does he look like????.........

hey strongbad,

seriously, what do you look like under that mask and how do you tie it with those gloves on?

andy, stl

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

i forgot earlier to mention that owen had his nueter surgery today and is doing fine. (as he can be considering) he ate his dinner and has slept most of the evening. ok thats it.....

listening to :: relient k, verbs, grits

reading :: mark, every man's battle

watching :: real world, tlc

surfing :: my own sites, random blogs

thinking about :: storing treasures in heaven, a name for our foundation

praying about :: being a witness to those closest to me

i looooooove fishsticks!

what's up, what's up
today i got the crazy notion that maybe after all of the football stuff is done with that i might want to go back to school at seminary. i don't know, the thought just hit me and sounded good. i am really excited about the Word right now and i will be patient to see what God has planned for me. who knows where He will take me. right now i'm interested in the word generation(s) and how it is used in the bible. also about storing treasures in Heaven.
i know that some of you are probably reading this at work so i am adding a Web Fire Escape for you. please go to the web fire escape Escape Route page to set up your escape route. the escape button is the green one at the top right.
we went camping supply shopping today and i got a cool new knife. a gerber with a 3in blade. it's nice. got some lamps and a tent mallet. also got a huge new 150qt cooler. looking forward to camping this weekend. turkey run state park in indiana.
real world comes on soon.... and i need to make some fishsticks.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

hey, what's up?
thefatrat got a face lift, if you didn't notice..... let me know if you like it. be honest please. i am also updating the pictures as we speak. the pic of the week has been updated. just thought that i would let everyone know that. please check out the link above. awesome stuff.

:: it's finally happened! ::

went to sixflags this weekend. rode a couple rides, headed over to the mr. freeze. now last year i fit in this ride and rode it. somehow this season the buckle would not latch. the ride guy was pushing and everything but the bar would not fit over my thighs. mr. freeze uses a lapbar and a buckle. the bar doesn't come anywhere near your stomach, it only fits over your legs and then buckles in place. no chance for me this year. so i sadly checked off mr. freeze as my first ride that i can't fit on. the bull at great america is probably next, followed closely by batman. it was a sad day.
after the rides, we went into the water park and that was great. i love water parks. lots of slide riding and lounging in the lazy river. a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

so, not much going on aroiund here lately. right now owen is barking at me to out about every 10 minutes. i'm teaching him a lesson in holding it. no more going out whenever he wants. he's been going psycho and now he is collapsed on the kitchen flooor.
:: the kings are getting all geared up for the fourth, cookouts, amusement parks, fireworks, fireworks from my agents conference room with floor to ceiling windows that look out at the arch and the river. nice! so, that's about it. just enjoying my last few weeks of freedom, before football takes ahold of my life once again.