Thursday, June 30, 2005

bad parenting tip of the day... #1

this is the first of, i'm sure, many tips on how not to parent your children.

When your child is acting up, be sure to threaten them with empty threats: "Stop that whining or you'll be grounded.... for the rest of your life!"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mt. Rainier was clear as day...

the cab was driving back from the seahawks facility towards the airport, i was on the phone with kristie. we were in the middle of talking about how i had just signed with seattle when the cab came around a bend and in front of me was one of the most beautiful sites i've seen in a while. there, many miles away but still looking very large, was Mount Rainier clear as can be. it was huge, and covered in snow. absolutely beautiful. i told kristie, 'you're going to love it here'. the mountains, the trees, Puget Sound. there are so many wonderful things in Seattle.

camp starts on july 28th, so i'll be back up there for that, then we'll find a place after camp is over and kristie will move out with caleb when the season starts. i'm really excited about the opportunity in seattle. i have a few past teammates there. we know the team chaplain very well and there is a great church.

for now is back to work with Kristie's dad and working out to stay in shape. four weeks away. it's the beginning of another chapter.

Thank you Lord, for this opportunity. may i use it to bring you glory.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

we are the champions!...

well, it came down to the last play of the game, but a deflected pass made sure that we were the champions of World Bowl XIII! oh man! i had never won a championship game before and boy does it feel good! i was so excited when we won. i ran out with all my other teammates, yelling laughing, hugging, it was a good time. we went up on a platform and held up the world bowl trophy. that thing is heavy. oh man, we had a great time though. i'll get some pictures up from the game.

now i'm playing the waiting game. i thought that i was going to have a workout with Altlanta, but i won't fit under their salary cap. so, i'm waiting to hear from a few other teams. i'm working out and running. we'll see where God takes the King family next. stay tuned for all the wacky adventures. haha, it really seems that way right now. but i know that God will carry us through.

Friday, June 10, 2005

tomorrow's the big day...

well, well, well.... tomorrow is the big day! World Bowl XIII! the team is pretty excited. pracitce has been good all week. we are favored by the public to win. there should be a lot of fans there cheering for us. we should win too, if we play well.
i just realized that i'm not a very good writer. these sentences are kind of short and not too creative. i'm going to work on that.
i have a media event to go to this afternoon, then i'm taking it easy. later

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Originally uploaded by thefatrat.

this is the bruise i got from the cologne game. i took this after the hamburg game the next week. it looks a lot better now. this might me my last post before i get back to the states. we're leaving for germany tomorrow and we'll be there until the world bowl. i should be back on the 13th of june. my pec is sore and i pray that it holds up through these games. then it has to be ok for camp when i get back. pray for me please.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

and we're almost out of here....

so, it's almost time to go. which is weird, since i really just got here. i've gotten into Amsterdam twice and seen some cool stuff. this last time i went to the Anne Frank house.

the Anne Frank house is pretty amazing considering you're actually walking around where those eight people were hiding for years. it's pretty tight up there in the annex. the stairways were so steep. the rooms were small. they still have some of the original pictures that Anne put up on the walls. and there is a spot on one wall that has pencil marks where they measured the growth of the kids. over all it was pretty amazing.

i walk everywhere when i go out. so after the Anne Frank house i walked to this restaraunt, Los Pilones. it is arguabley the best mexican restaraunt in Amsterdam, or so i've been told. i had tacos. then i met the team at Boom Chicago. it was ok, there were some funny parts. they improve a lot. there are a couple different shows. we saw the Best of Boom Chicago. after Boom, it was home to bed.

my pec is sore and tired. i'm slightly frusterated with it right now. i won't go into details but be praying for strength in my pec please. i know i am.

two verses that God gave to me while i was crying out to Him a couple nights ago.
Psalm 46:10 and Jerimiah 29:11 these were both very comforting for what i'm feeling right now.