Wednesday, January 21, 2004

..::[ fooly cooly ]::..

it's all fooly cooly up in here. i just finished the anime series i got for christmas (thanks tina and kris) called fooly cooly. it's pretty fun, makes no sense really, but fun. i'm thinking about starting to collect the ranma 1/2 series. i know jason remembers that one. those were some good shows. i still have a vhs of oh my goddess! and something else laying around. i should try and find those. i really enjoy anime, i the movie ghost in the shell. that is pretty good too. akira is another good movie.

it kind fo sucks sitting around all day. i really can't do anything right now. it blows. i don't know what i would do if i were single. i would probably be at home or something. kristie is really helping me out. i appreciate her so much. she really does take care of me. she's not making a fuss over it or anything. i love her.

God bless


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