Thursday, January 15, 2004

..::[(through tears)]::..

.... i will miss you Helga. you were with us through the good times and the rough times. like the "little engine that could" - you could... you could and did get us to and fro all the places our hearts desired. i love that you were able to experience so many changes in our lives.

i would like to share with you our memorable times together: the time when andy broke your drivers side seat, your inabilties to produce air conditioning, the fact that your handicap of not having a panel on the drivers side door never kept you from truckin', the season you didn't even have a rearview mirror attached to the windshield, long trips to minnesota, hauling back all of our wedding gifts, when you got your front bumper bumped and the front licensce plate fell off and never got put back on, when the corner of your bugshield was whacked off and we let you look lopsided for too long, owen peeing in your drivers side seat, your wheels going flat too many times to talk about, the time we let your muffler hang on with a metal hanger, raccoons dancing on your rooftop, moving tons and tons of our belongings from place to place... and the list goes on and on.

you have been a true blue friend Helga. you have brought us joy, laughter, frustrations at times, and even tears. your sassiness will never be forgotten. we love you and no other vehicle will EVER take your place.

love always,
God bless


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