Thursday, November 27, 2003

::.. thanksgiving! ..::

happy thanksgiving eveybody!

God bless

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

::.. suspended ..::

ok, soebeck's website is suspended. i think that is funny. i think that it beat up another website on the server! i hope it gets to come back soon.
sorry soebs

God bless

Monday, November 10, 2003

::.. birthday ..::

so..... yesterday was my birthday and it was a good one. i turned 25 this year, a quarter of a century. that is an amazing feat. i am thankful that God has kept me around this long. i got some cool stuff for my birthday; some belts, a new Columbia jacket, some beanies, 2 movies (best in show and a mighty wind), a new wallet, and an ipod. i am really enjoying my presents and enjoyed spending some qt with my bride. my friend andy got me the new testament on cd that i am currently loading into itunes so that i can put it on my ipod. i got the 20g so i can fit a bunch of stuff on it. i still have gifts from my parents and kristie's parents that i haven't gotten yet. i looking forward to seeing what they are going to bless me with. i really enjoy my birthday and everything that goes along with it. for instance, our car insurance went down because i'm 25 now. that is awesome! also, kristie made me a terrific dirt cake for my birthday. it was yummy! we also went to morton's steak house for dinner tonight. also very yummy. a good time was had by all. any way.....

thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, i really appreciated it.

God bless

Sunday, November 02, 2003

::.. passing ..::

my grandmother passed away this morning. she had been struggling with alzheimer's for some time now. she has moved on to a place where her mind is well and there is no suffering. she knew Jesus and we will see her again. i love her and will miss her. i have many memories to remember.

God bless