Saturday, August 30, 2003

::.. sweet skin ..::
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Friday, August 29, 2003

::.. blog from the throne ..::
what's up, just sitting here contemplating the world. cuts are being made this weekend... they have to be at 53 by tuesday i believe. some of my friends have been cut already today. it is sad to see them leave. here you are building bonds with people that you enjoy playing with and spending time with, and the next thing you know, they are gone. it really is too bad. the business is brutal.

other than the score, the game went alright last night. i sprained two of my fingers on my left hand. i've got a pretty ugly bruise on my palm from some soft tissue tearing. that's what the doctor said..... my knee is sore too..... no big deal, nothing that will keep me from practicing or playing, that's all that matters.

so that's about it. sorry that the site was down the other day (in case anyone was trying to read this) but my friend who hosts this was working on some things. i got hit by that e-mail virus the other day too. sobig.f is the name. i opened up my e-mail to find 52 new messages. that sucked. all taken care of now.

God bless,

Sunday, August 24, 2003

::.. random tidbits ..::
watching :: nothing really, i just bought patton the movie. so i'll probably watch that.

reading :: every man's battle; celebration of discipline. i encourage every man that reads this blog to read every man's battle. and for those looking for a closer walk, read celebration.

listening to :: cm radio, relient k, grits, a few others.....

loving :: God, my bride, my family

going to :: church

God Bless

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

::.. and i'm back!
hey, what's new everyone? i'm back in the stl and lovin' it! it is hotter than a thing that is hot here. macomb was great compared to this weather! i know that the tagboard on the left is out of commision. i'm working on that....
big game, big win last night for the rams. we did really well. i played the entire second half and felt good about it. we'll see what the film has to say. on wednesday.
::.. camp news ..::
camp went really well, and the Lord blessed us with incredible weather! practices all went well, and the first pre-season game went well too. coach martz pointed out that i played a really physical game. that was good to hear.
the only bad thing to come out of camp is that i banged up my elbows. i have a slight sprain in both of them. they are doing really well though, fairly pain free and pully functional. i didn't miss any practices for either of them. the first one was my left and i was about a week into camp. the other one was the first play that i ran in the oakland game. no big deal.
i pulled a good scripture out of camp this year. one morning i was reading in Psalms and came across Psalms 33:16. the NAS version is this.
"The king is not saved by a mighty army;
A warrior is not delivered by great strength."

i liked this one because it is reminding us that we cannot conquer on our own. will will not achieve anything by our own means. it is only through the Lord, Our God that we can become champions. i can be the biggest, strongest, fastest person on the field, but God gave me all those attributes and talents. it is my prayer that i use what He has given me to glorify Him. i give all my praise to Him and He deserves all credit for what He has done with my life.

everyone, please take care
God bless