Wednesday, April 30, 2003

it sure was nice to see carmen again tonight. ha....
so.... rueben in the bottom 2? interesting. could it be that people don't like his barry white, same thing every week, voice? i thought that he did a pretty good job last night, but he did not deserve to be in the bottom 2. josh, however, was not great last night and should have been, in my opinion, sent home tonight. kristie thinks that trenyce is the one who should have gone, but i think that she was more the american idol than josh. all in all, trenyce was not going to win and so we say so long......

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

hey, hey, hey! the day has finally come ladies and gentlemen.....
so long carmen! hooray for the day! we will hear her no more. take that JHBA..... ha!
so, who will go next... josh?... trenyce?..... we will see next week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

so long....
i'm going to see pearl jam tonight at the savvis center, with my good friend tony reetz. hooray for tony, scoring two free tickets! you guys have fun watching american idol.
here are my predictions....
carmen will suck, but somehow pull through (with the help of the JHBA, of course)
trenyce could choke tonight, she didn't sound that great last night
kimberly l will probably do well. i now think she will be the last girl to go
josh, you can never tell, although i think that he will fight through this and stick around
clay will be spectacular, as always
rueben will also give an excellent performance, but i hope that he brings something a little different tonight

Monday, April 21, 2003

here's a question for all you believers out there....
the book of Revelation, did it happen Past, Present, or Future? just a question, let me hear your thoughts. we'll talk later.

Sunday, April 20, 2003


Wednesday, April 16, 2003

once again the junior high boys of america (JHBA for short) have come through for carmen raspukeson. unbelievable.....
really, i can't believe it. as of right now, i don't care who wins it, as long as carmen gets kicked off soon. i am really tired of looking at her and hearing her. how could america have not voted her off after last night. wow.... i just don't get it. really. wow. ...........
if everyone would please take the opportunity right now to mourn kimberly c's leaving - with a moment of silence.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

ha ha, ha ha ha....
so the truth finally comes out.... carmen "shut up"
thank you!
let's break them down:

kimberly c - great show as always,
rueben - well.... he's pretty good, but i agree that i want to see something a little less 'barry white'
kimberly l - look great, sang great, her best so far
carmen - not good, never good, go home, please, we're begging, seriously, so long
josh - excellent, great song and performance
trenyce - there is only one whitney, and you're not her. just ok
clay - super, always super, oh my gosh, he's the winner!

Saturday, April 12, 2003

::blog from the throne::
so, as most of my friends know, i often i-m people from the bathroom, so today i thought that i would give the inaugural blog from one of my favorite places in the house. the bathroom (or reading room, as i often call it) is one of the best places for quiet contemplation, reading, web surfing, and relaxing. it doesn't matter if i'm in the shower, on the head, shaving, or brushing my teeth.... i enjoy spending time in the bathroom. i plan on having a rather large bathroom in my house one day, with a tv, hot tub, huge glass shower, and a custom, comfy throne. i'll send you all pictures. well, i'm out, so everyone..... have a great day!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

you have got to be kidding me! first of all, kimberly c. and ricky never should have been in the bottom three tonight. it should have been kimberly lock, carmen, and trenyce. america was foolish in voting off ricky. that might have been the dumbest move ever. how could carmen have slipped through again!? i'm convinced that there are a bunch of suburban, junior high boys with cell phones, texting their votes in for carmen cause "she's so hot". silly. i feel bad for ricky, it was not his time yet. i flipped out when i watched this episode. i could not believe it when they told ricky that he was in the bottom three. that carmen is slippery.....

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

once again, it's american idol time. i'm sorry to say it, but carmen is still the worst singer on there. she sounds like she is shivering every time she holds a note. she is followed closely by trenyce. she tries so hard, but it sounds like it too. rueben probably will win the whole thing, but we do like clay and want him to win. so please, please.....
go home carmen! so that trenyce can go home next week.
::..side step..::
it was cold today in the stl, about 37, and i went golfing in alton, il..... freezing. ::by the way, alton is home to the (ex) world's tallest man. he has a statue in town and everything.:: golf was fun though. the course is right near an artillery testing range and they let off a couple bombs while we were golfing. the ground shook. it made me appreciate a little more what's going on over seas. not that i felt anything like they feel, but i've never felt the ground shake from a bomb before. amazing.....

Monday, April 07, 2003

i have a few things to say...
first, praise the Lord, for he has created great things and has allowed me to continue to wake in the morning to have yet another day to use in His name. with that said, i am trying my hardest to use those days in His name and not my own. it is hard. period. i am also trying to get back into the bible, deeper into the bible and stay there. i am praying hard right now about tithing, how much and where to put it. please keep us in your prayers.....
::..side step..::
i love golf. i love to play it and watch it, much to some people's amusement. i just gone done whacking a few balls and tomorrow i have a golf scramble to play in alton, il. i am not the best player in the world but, i am also not the worst. i also like tiger woods golf 2003 for the ps2. that game is a blast. yes!
so, anyway.... everone enjoy their week and be sure to watch punk'd on mtv tonight at 9:30pm, it's really funny...
oh, and big ups to soebs for his blog today....

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Spring Report #1: Excitement Surrounds First Day i know that this is from earlier this week, but it's good to hear that isu is back on the turf and things are going well. good luck this season guys....

Friday, April 04, 2003

so owen is 9 weeks old now and today he got his first haircut! he is a handsome young man. it was hard to get good pics today cause he was all crazy when we picked him up, so more later.
i'm playing in a charity basketball game tonight. haha, i haven't played organized b-ball in a while.... can't wait to see how that goes.

lets talk american idol some more... carmen is attractive but not talented, her quivering voice is not very technical. as for reuben, he has an incredible voice but it is not uniquely distinct. you would never recognize his voice singing a song you already knew... you probably would be able to detect his voice if it was HIS song however. the top four of the competition are: Clay, Reuben, Kimberly Caudwell, and Ricky. Clay will take this competition no doubt. that's our story and we are sticking to it. kris and andy

Thursday, April 03, 2003

go here to see what googlism thinks of kristie -> check out the first one! haha.

go see what googlism thinks of me -> i got this from jason's website. thanks man

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

ok, american idol pissed me off tonight. why did they have to let carmen stay on the show? they should have eliminated somebody. i hated that i watched that whole thing just to see them not kick anybody off. i do think that josh was terrible last night, but carmen is overall b-a-d bad! so those are my thoughts on that.

so nobody liked our little april fools joke huh? that's ok. it is getting pretty hot around here. 85 or so the last few days. our pool is open here at the apt, so nice... i think i'll take a dip tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

ah, the baseball game was good. we had fun in the bleachers. sorry phil, i didn't catch any baseballs or get you a souvenir. maybe at the chicago game later this summer.
we had our first technical work today, that was nice. moving around felt good. i'm out for the night.

you won't believe what happened today. andy was coming home from work on the highway when someone changed lanes in front of him and suddenly stopped. he couldn't stop in time and rearended them. unfornately we switched cars this morning so he was in the new gallant. he was however wearing his seatbelt, a task i taught him well, so he is okay. in case you are wondering about the other people - they are fine too. but our poor, little, silver mitsubishi gallant is severly damaged. we do not have the total of the damages back yet, but we had to have it towed... it does not look pretty. we will give the info as it comes. love ya, kristie and andy