Friday, February 18, 2005

off to Sin City.... for realz...

so, i was drafted by the Amsterdam Admirals last friday. so i'm off to Sin City hopefully with the chance to spread the Word. I'm praying that God is able to use me and that I will recognize the opportunity when it arrises.
Kristie and i are going to Altlanta for PAO next week then i fly from Altanta to Tampa for camp. i'll be on here periodically and you can e.mail me at while i'm gone.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Havin' Fun...

Havin' Fun
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there are some new pictures of Caleb up. we were being silly here in this one. he looks cool in a hat!

wow, a month gone by.....

i can't believe that a whole entire month went by with no entry! who ever would have thought....

so the month of January..... it was stressful, exciting, hard, frustrating, full of joy, interesting to say the least. it was full of up and down days and weeks. Kristie and i are on a bit of a roller coaster right now.

the Tahoe is gone. sold it for more than we owed. the house is still for sale and we are looking into getting a realtor to list it for us. we are praying that we come out on top of that situation too. it has been comforting to be in the mind set that we own nothing, but that everything we do have is given to us by God. so, we're not really selling our things, we're just letting God take them back. we got to use them for a while and now it's time for a break.

Caleb is getting so much bigger. i'm putting some new pictures on the Flickr site today. he is doing so much stuff. he likes to talk to us with his noises. we have found that he's rolled himself over onto back a couple times which he shouldn't do until he's about 5 months. (he's 2 months now) Kristie and i just love him so much, we are so thankful for the blessing he is in our lives.

my new job is going well. things are going.... the NFL Europe draft is on February 11th. i'll know which team i'm going to and then i report to camp on the 27th. i'm training pretty hard for that right now. a friend of mine, Jeremy Phillips, is training with me. it's good to have a partner.

i will leave you with this;
if there is one thing that i've learned over this time, and there are many lessons, it is that God is not a genie. we don't pray magical prayers that make their way up to our Lord and make him do things for us. it is not based on how much faith that i have either. we pray our hearts and God acts in His perfect will. it is on his time not ours. i love him for that. how spoiled we would be if we got everything we asked for. and how disappointed we would get if it were based on our faith. i'm sure that He going to teach us more, and i'm looking forward to it.

James 1:2-3