Thursday, July 27, 2006

in case you were wondering...

yes, i would like a gift sometime, for whatever reason...

here is a suggestion. i am going to make a little gift list area for good ideas. then you can just look here and see what we've had our eyes on when you feel like getting any of us a gift.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

and the winner is.....

we went to the doctor's office tuesday for kristie's baby check-up and to find out the sex of the baby. i had the awesome idea to have the ultrasound technician write the sex of the baby down on the picture and then put it in an envelope for us. she did, and she didn't tell us what we were having.
we took the envelope, with its secret inside, and went to the mall. we picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit then took it to the counter. we told the girl at the store what we were doing and that she needed to look in the envelope, find out what the baby is going to be and then put the appropriate outfit in the box, we would be back in a few minutes.

so, i went to get a table at the restaurant and kristie went back to get the package! we sat down, ordered our food, and then opened the box!!!!!!

It's a GIRL!
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Monday, July 17, 2006

2nd place isn't so bad....

so Naperville, IL took second place in this list of Money Magazine's Best Places to Live.

it does have a Mongolian BBQ. that alone make it in my top ten list....

suprisingly, St. Louis was absent from the list. you'ld think the humidity and Cardinal's baseball would bring people running.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

i have words....

i just don't know how to say them...

what should i be doing?

where should i go?

how can i make a difference?

i'm lazy, how do i stop?

i need discipline.

God, break me. crush my habits and instill in me new disciplines that are Holy and faithfull. I can't change these on my own. Help me to turn off the disctractions and give to You what is Yours. What other purpose do I have? If it's not all for You then who is for for? Me? What did I do to deserve it? Man? What can they give me that you haven't already? Please.... (Col 3:23)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

space shuttle tv...

this is pretty sweet. you can watch the NASA public feed for the space mission. worth a view.

click on 'Launch Video Player' on the right hand side of the page.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

God wanted me to see Superman...

Grant and I went to see X-Men 3 a couple nights ago. we showed up at the theatre for a 10:20pm show only find it was sold out!

What!?!?!? 10:20 on a thursday for a movie that's over a month old?

everybody, like us, had come to use their free passes that were expiring that day. the young man in the window suggested that we could see "the prairie home companion. " no way! i came for action, not a visual interpretation of an NPR show.

i say, "superman starts at 10:15 we'll go see that."
"ok, you'll have to pay."
"no way, uh uh."
"would you like to see a manager"

i came for action with a free pass. no x-men, i'm going to see superman. well, before the manager even comes over, i guess the kid changes his mind and tell us to go ahead. we head down the hall and when we get there, it's on the mega screen! to top this all off, i had purchased my own candy at the grocery earlier that day. zours for $1.49.

zours for the show: $1.49
gas to get to the movie: $0.59
tickets for the movie: $FREE$

your movie being sold and getting to see an even better show on the MEGAscreen: Priceless

a good time was had. you should go see Superman.

{::}side note

in the middle of the movie, my nose gets a whiff of some horrible release of gas. NOT ME. i would tell you. this thing lingers for about 5-6 minutes. again, NOT ME, but the girl next to me sure thought it was. she was scooting over and leaning over to her boyfriend. i can only imagine what see was saying. it may have gone like this....

"derek, this guy next to me just farted. it smells sooo bad."
"are you sure it was him?"
"are you kidding, look at him. that smile on his face, shoving candy in his mouth. it had to be. do something."
"no way, i'm not doing anything to that guy. did you look at him. cover your nose."

hahaha, maybe it went like that. who's to say really.


that's all.