Thursday, January 01, 2004

::.. vagueness makes me sick ..::

if you believe in Jesus Christ than say so, and say that if you don't you're wrong. it is that plan. there is no other truth than Jesus. that is why i sent this e-mail to Judah Siegal, a roadie for P.O.D., after he gave a vague reponse on faith in this month's hm magazine.


in your q & a section in the january/february 04' issue of hm magazine, you
replied to a question asking "Is P.O.D. still a Christian Band?..." you
replied with "...I believe it would be wrong for me to impose my faith (how I
relate to my Creator) on anyone else. It is a personal thing. Same with
P.O.D., there is no possible way that they are going to fit everyone's idea of
what a Christian is, or live up to every different expectation from their wide
variety of fans. Just remember that just because something is different from
what you believe, that does not mean it is wrong..."

i want to start by saying that i adhere to the Truth that Jesus Christ died for
my sins and rose again to defeat death. in doing so, He payed the price for my
life so that i can join Him in heaven. this is the Truth. i'm assuming (which
isn't always right) that you believe the same since you are answering questions
in hm. how then can you say that it is wrong for you to impose your faith on
anyone. we are called to impose the Truth on everyone we meet. the
relationship that ensues is the personal part of faith. imposing the Truth is
what gets you there.
the last part of that statement is the most interesting to me. do you believe
that there is more than one Truth? how can there be? 2 + 2 can only equal 4,
no matter what denomination you use. that is a fact, just as Jesus said, "I am
the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through
me." John 14:6. so please do not tell people that gospels other than the one
the Bible spoke of, Paul spoke of, Peter spoke of, Jesus spoke of, aren't wrong
because they are different that the one they believe. the fact that the Truth
is from Jesus makes it right, and the fact that anything else is NOT from Jesus
does make it wrong. your answer seemed to go along with the worldly view of "if it feels good, it's ok"
i simply ask you not to be vague in your faith. be bold. if i have offended
you... good, i'm only out to save lives. if we are on the same page and i
misunderstood, please reply and let me know. i would appreciate a reply either
way. let me know what you think.

in Christ,
andy king

if you get a chance, pick this up and read it, or just scan this section in the back. page 46. i couldn't find it online to give you the entire quote. i'll post up what he says if he sends anything back. i forgot to mention that it used to be taught that if anyone comes to us and preaches a different gospel than the one that we know, we are to kill that person right there. take them out and stone them.

God bless


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