Sunday, April 17, 2005

at the zoo....

Birm Zoo 16
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i was definitely not swimming in there. we took Caleb to the zoo here in the Birm. it was a great day. the sun was out, beatiful! caleb likes animals, he was laughing at the parrots and he liked the tiger who came up to the window to visit him. he loved watching the elephant who came in with a tree branch on his head. we did not get hit by the rhino who peed! all in all it was a fun day.

things are going well here. rehab is good, i'm getting stronger everyday. i'll write some stories about the Birm later.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

life in the pit....

here's the news for those of you who don't know.

i had been in amsterdam for about a week. we were lifting after practice on tuesday the 29th and i was getting done with my last set of bench. well, i was starting my last rep when i felt i little "pop" in my right pec, i said "take it, take it!" and that was was the end. after some bruising and doctor checks and mri's i've got a partially torn pec on my right side and i'm back in the states rehabing in birmingham, alabama.

that's the short story. there is all kinds of details that will really bore you. but here are the highlights:

  • on the plane ride home (which was full) i rode next to a larger polish woman who spoke no english. i got up to walk around a lot and ended up helping her fill out her customs card, which was a real challenge, seeing as i don't speak a lick of polish. where's bobbie Z when you need him?
  • i also got on 3 planes to make it back to the states. one of them took me through chicago, where i got to see kristie and caleb a little earlier than i expected. that was terrific!
  • i left germany on my second flight at 5pm and got into chicago at 6:15pm. that was weird.
  • i did not get into birmingham until 12am and then to the pit (hotel) by 1am. i was very tired.
  • this hotel is being called the pit by kristie and i. it really isn't very nice. the people that work here are great though.
  • one of the shuttle drivers is called "cat man" this is because he makes a cat sound. whenever he feels like it. sitting at a stoplight. while he's driving. outside your door at night. it's like, whatever. he also has three teeth in his lower jaw. that's all. no more, no less.
so, it is a pleasure being here. i'm here for at least 2 weeks but more than likely 6-8. we'll see how quickly God heals me and gets me back over there. i'll write some more later. at least i have free wireless here.