Tuesday, July 15, 2003

what's up folks.....
we just got back on sunday from camping in indiana....
on the way home about 1 1/2 hours from stl, we blew a tire on the explorer! i had just passed an exit when the left front tire felt like it was going low. i was steering sharper and sharper to try and keep it straight, but i felt like i might be able to make it to the next exit. nope! BAM! the front left drops and i see the tread go flying past me up in the air! this is when kristie wakes up, and i guess that i told her we had a flat tire. i'm in the left lane, so i have to get across to the right to get off on the shoulder. thank the Lord the explorer did not get out of control and we pulled over and stopped. a nice couple pulled over also to help us out. i changed the tire and we went on our way. unfortunetly the spare is one of the original firestones so it wasn't much better eh? i haven't taken it in yet. i'll keep everyone updated. here are a couple pics --> tire and me, tire and spare


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