Sunday, July 06, 2003

hey, what's up?
thefatrat got a face lift, if you didn't notice..... let me know if you like it. be honest please. i am also updating the pictures as we speak. the pic of the week has been updated. just thought that i would let everyone know that. please check out the link above. awesome stuff.

:: it's finally happened! ::

went to sixflags this weekend. rode a couple rides, headed over to the mr. freeze. now last year i fit in this ride and rode it. somehow this season the buckle would not latch. the ride guy was pushing and everything but the bar would not fit over my thighs. mr. freeze uses a lapbar and a buckle. the bar doesn't come anywhere near your stomach, it only fits over your legs and then buckles in place. no chance for me this year. so i sadly checked off mr. freeze as my first ride that i can't fit on. the bull at great america is probably next, followed closely by batman. it was a sad day.
after the rides, we went into the water park and that was great. i love water parks. lots of slide riding and lounging in the lazy river. a good time was had by all.


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