Tuesday, July 08, 2003

what's up, what's up
today i got the crazy notion that maybe after all of the football stuff is done with that i might want to go back to school at seminary. i don't know, the thought just hit me and sounded good. i am really excited about the Word right now and i will be patient to see what God has planned for me. who knows where He will take me. right now i'm interested in the word generation(s) and how it is used in the bible. also about storing treasures in Heaven.
i know that some of you are probably reading this at work so i am adding a Web Fire Escape for you. please go to the web fire escape Escape Route page to set up your escape route. the escape button is the green one at the top right.
we went camping supply shopping today and i got a cool new knife. a gerber with a 3in blade. it's nice. got some lamps and a tent mallet. also got a huge new 150qt cooler. looking forward to camping this weekend. turkey run state park in indiana.
real world comes on soon.... and i need to make some fishsticks.


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