Wednesday, June 01, 2005

and we're almost out of here....

so, it's almost time to go. which is weird, since i really just got here. i've gotten into Amsterdam twice and seen some cool stuff. this last time i went to the Anne Frank house.

the Anne Frank house is pretty amazing considering you're actually walking around where those eight people were hiding for years. it's pretty tight up there in the annex. the stairways were so steep. the rooms were small. they still have some of the original pictures that Anne put up on the walls. and there is a spot on one wall that has pencil marks where they measured the growth of the kids. over all it was pretty amazing.

i walk everywhere when i go out. so after the Anne Frank house i walked to this restaraunt, Los Pilones. it is arguabley the best mexican restaraunt in Amsterdam, or so i've been told. i had tacos. then i met the team at Boom Chicago. it was ok, there were some funny parts. they improve a lot. there are a couple different shows. we saw the Best of Boom Chicago. after Boom, it was home to bed.

my pec is sore and tired. i'm slightly frusterated with it right now. i won't go into details but be praying for strength in my pec please. i know i am.

two verses that God gave to me while i was crying out to Him a couple nights ago.
Psalm 46:10 and Jerimiah 29:11 these were both very comforting for what i'm feeling right now.


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