Tuesday, April 08, 2003

once again, it's american idol time. i'm sorry to say it, but carmen is still the worst singer on there. she sounds like she is shivering every time she holds a note. she is followed closely by trenyce. she tries so hard, but it sounds like it too. rueben probably will win the whole thing, but we do like clay and want him to win. so please, please.....
go home carmen! so that trenyce can go home next week.
::..side step..::
it was cold today in the stl, about 37, and i went golfing in alton, il..... freezing. ::by the way, alton is home to the (ex) world's tallest man. he has a statue in town and everything.:: golf was fun though. the course is right near an artillery testing range and they let off a couple bombs while we were golfing. the ground shook. it made me appreciate a little more what's going on over seas. not that i felt anything like they feel, but i've never felt the ground shake from a bomb before. amazing.....


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