Tuesday, June 17, 2003

another long weekend.....
happy father's day to my dad, and my father in-law. also happy anniversary to my parents this past sunday as well....
this weekend was nice. kristie and i went to chicago on friday. kristie had a bridal shower/bachelorette party to go to so i hung out... lots of pool time on saturday. i established myself as the "KING OF POOL HORSE" and don't you forget it. i also got a little sunburn, so that was nice. on to ed debevics for dinner, got waited on by hound-dog, my brother. he is a great waiter there. very rude and obnoxious. we got home and phil and i went to see 2fast 2furious. awesome ricers! terrible movie.... but awesome ricers! sunday we went to a schaumburg flyer's game. got another sunburn. that was awesome.... no pain though.
monday morning we picked out our wedding photos and put together our album. it looks good too. ok, that's about it right now. talk to you later.


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