Thursday, June 26, 2003

praise the Lord, i am back! i returned last night, braving torrid rain storms in kansas and missouri. i made it home is much less time than on the way down. heeeeeere is the story ::

i leave on friday night to go to branson and meet andy eby at the lake. i leave at 7pm and get there about 11:30pm because i hit traffic for about and hour by six flags. we go to bed and get up the next morning. andy seems to think that winfield, kansas is not that far away so we go out on the lake early and are going to leave in the early afternoon. well, we get done with lunch around 2 and still have to put the boat away. we get showered and get gas then we are out around 4pm, a little late. the best way on the map we got at the gas station has us going north, then west, then south. it looks a little long, but not as long as it felt or really was. we stopped for about 45 minutes around 6pm for dinner at pizza hut and finally arrived in winfield around 11:15pm. yeah that's right, i said 11:15. it took us longer to drive from branson to winfield then it would take me to get home last night going the way that mapquest told me to go in the first place. when we arrived, some of the guys informed us that there was a much shorter way to go that would have saved us about 3 hours. oops! oh, well......
it was well worth it because i had an awesome experience! i came home with a tan and a new fire for Christ! i am so excited about my relationship with God right now. being in a christian leadership postion for those kids was great, for me and for them. i had 5 kids come to ask Jesus to really lead their lives at the end of the week. i also had a real challenge in one of the kids in my huddle who just didn't seem to want to cooperate. i don't think that he wanted to be there that much, but he didn't really want to talk about it much. i am praying for him, and the rest of my guys. the Holy Spirit was moving me this week though, we had great discussions in our huddle times and i'm really excited about the direction that my life is headed. pray for me please because when the going gets good, Satan gets going. i will surely be attacked more blatantly.
i think that this page needs an overhaul so, i may be doing some re-designing soon. more recent pics, maybe a verse of the week to discuss, and definitely a new look. we'll see what i can whip up.


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