Friday, November 19, 2004

ironic, or moronic?....

so, i should probably start out by telling you all what's going on with me right about now. i spent all this week in class for a 24 Hour Fitness certification so that i can train people at the gym. 8 to 5 each day. the first few days were all science related and there was a test on thursday. i'm pretty sure that i nailed it. you had to get an 80% or better. i get the results back sometime next week. then i get payed more per hour, and even more when i train. that will help. i'm looking foward to working with this kid that i have. he says he wants to run faster when he is playing paintball. i think that's awesome. i'll see what i can do for him.

:off track:

so, i'm headed to this class today and on my way i pull up next to this car. i look over and this dude has a cigarette in is hand and a livestrong bracelete on his wrist. i wanted to say, "hey Idiot! your supporting cancer awareness and your giving yourself cancer! nice job." but i didn't.

so that class is over. i have to work this weekend. that job is done in a few weeks. on monday, i have my first training class for NWMF. there mascot is the Rhino so it's called Rhino Training. fun huh? that's were i'll be all day monday. i have to present on my target market. that's what i'll be doing tonight and this weekend. the fun is only beginning.


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