Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my, where has the time gone...

it's funny, i'm done playing football and it feels like people just drop off the face of the earth.

or did i...

i feel so disconnected in the 'real world', struggling to learn something well enough to make it a career and put food on the table. i know Kristie feels disconnected. she's stuck at home all day while im at work. her group of friends has moved on to lunches out and shopping for stuff they don't really need but can afford, so why not.

it's really weird. life after ball. football was never my life, but it was the life we lived. now we live a different life. with new people and new responsibilities.


my spirit is lazy. i'm not giving time to God. i'm being selfish with it. sleep, work, family, tv, this blog... no bible, unless it's at my study, or in church. prayer, but not with any depth or conviction. i'm spiritually sad. sad about my laziness.


in the mean time, i love relevantTV. it's flippin' sweet. go watch it. i'm going to do some work that i brought home. mmmmmm........


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