Wednesday, October 26, 2005

winds of change....

Gene Appel

that name might be familar to some of you who read this site. no, it's not the founder of Lincoln Christian, but his son. he is now the lead pastor at Willow Creek where Kristie and i are currently attending church. he spoke the other day about the winds of change. Willow Creek is celebrating it's 30th anniversary and he was talking about how his life has had changes and how God has lead him to different areas in life, including coming to Willow Creek recently. it was excellent. i really enjoyed what he said about prayer for God to give us the 'miracle of the second wind'. praying for God to give us the strength to make life changes is healthy and it's what He wants us to do. He longs for us to ask Him for the help is ready to give. i am praying for the miracle of the second wind to carry through this life change. the winds of changes are blowing.....


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