Tuesday, July 26, 2005

camp is right around the corner...

it's the last couple of days before i report for training camp '05 in Cheney, Wa. here is the weather report for the next few days in Cheney. the hottest day will be on thursday when we do our conditioning test. of course i ran my test outside on sunday when it was about 100 outside. not to mention humid, but with a good breeze. other than that it looks like mid 80's for a little while.

my mom and melanie came up on sunday for a party. dad had a business thing to look into. something about after retirement. kristie's mom threw a going away party for me and invited a bunch of family. other than eating brats and snacks, i think i spent the entire rest of the party in the pool. i tried to dominate in HORSE and Around The World Battle (which is a game that i made up where you can block shots, splash people in the face, throw things at people shooting, and generally do anything you want to make them miss. first person to finish wins) but Phil always seems to beat me in HORSE and Dan Jr. won AWB because Phil was too worried about keeping me from winning so no one paid any attention to Dan.

yesterday it stormed and rained all day. that was good for the area since they haven't had much rain here lately. it looks nice enough today. maybe we'll get in the pool later. this afternoon we are going downtown to Nike Town for some shopping. a good time will be had i'm sure. i think that the Apple store is next door. i may have to make a visit....


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