Saturday, September 17, 2005

what's happening now...

man o' man, what is going on. well......

it's been 2 weeks since i was released. i had one work out in Tampa the first week. i've been calling and sending out resumes this week. i worked with kristie's dad one day. i'm trying not to eat myself into a lump on the couch. all of our stuff is in storage in St. Louis, clothes, golf clubs, computer....

i did get a job offer from my high school football coach. it's for a security position at the high school he works at now. it's up near kristie's parents house. i'm so thankful for that. it's extra money coming in and it has benefits. they said that i might be able to coach, maybe even be compensated for it. God is providing for us even now.

i'm still working on jobs in pharmaceuticals or technology. we'll see if i get some more response next week. i need to work out more, but i don't have a gym membership. i think that i'll be able to work out at the high school that i'm going to work at. another blessing. they are every where when you look for them. you just have to be still and see.

if anyone wants to get me the laptop off my wish list, i could use it right now. i don't know when i'll get my computer out of storage and my laptop died during camp as you may remember. anyway.... later


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