Saturday, June 05, 2004

and, we're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!

Joey Mack here with the morning mix!

ok, so that was one long vacation from blogging, we missed the AI final episode, our trip to the Great White North, looking for houses again, blah, blah, blah.....

here's what happened to the site: the webserver i used was hacked and used to deploy a DoS (Denial of Service attack) on an ISP. the people that provide the bandwith for the webserver shut them down and move all of the stuff to a new server. my buddy who runs the show is in the middle of moving out east for a new job, so it was not a good time for him to have this happen. it is fixed now and we're back up and running.

my new domain is up too,, but there isn't anything there yet. i'm messing around with it, so stop by and see what's going on occasionally. eventually i'll move over to that domain and run from there.

well, my prediction from the beginning came true. Fantasia knocked the socks off everyone along the way and totally demolished Snellville in the final. oh my! that girl didn't even have a chance! we are both looking forward to getting Fantasia's album when it comes out.

we drove. about 15 hours, including stops. 800.6 miles (i kept a trip meter). we arrived in T-town about 4:30 in the morning on Friday. i checked us in and a bell-boy came and got our bags. when we got upstairs i found that my back was soaking wet. the bell-boy had laid our cooler on it's side and it had all run into my bag. i had no dry underwear or socks and only my pants/shorts and a couple t-shirts that were dry. we laid it all out to dry and went to bed, too tired.
the next day i got my laundry taken care of and we went on with our day. the rehearsal was great and we really enjoyed the dinner. aaron gave his guys cool photos that he had taken. i'll put mine up here when i get a chance.
earlier on Friday, Tony, Kevin and myself had gone to get our tuxes. Tony's fit fine, Kevin's pants were a little big if you can imagine that! my pants, however, we're the opposite. they gave me a 34" when i was supposed to get a 44". it was really funny watching me try and fit into these pants, i'm sure. then the girl brings me a 40 and says to try them. i'm said, with a laugh, "ok." those didn't fit either and they were short. an even bigger laugh was had by all. finally i tried on a pair of 46 pants and they ordered the tux pants from that.
the wedding was b-e-a-utiful! we all had a great time. i was so honored that Aaron had asked me to stand up for him. the reception happend right afterward in the same building. they were married in an old church that doesn't have church in it anymore, if that makes sense. Tony grabbed some cubans for us earlier and we had a good smoke upstairs during the reception. it really was a great time. DJ Al Snow was there, and he was ALL wedding DJ. mincredible.
over the weekend we saw a some of Toronto, like the CN Tower. but on the way out, our expressway was closed and there was a parade backing up the street we were trying to get out on, so we were in traffic for about an hour before we found out about the parade, then we headed back North to another highway and i swear we saw all of Toronto on the way out. we made it though. after a down pour in Michigan, we stayed in Chicago for the night and drove through more rain on the way home on Monday. we did get to see a really cool, full, double rainbow though. very worth it.

that's what we are doing right now, looking for a new home. it is fun, but exhausting. pray for us.

we are looking at more houses. but first, we are going to get Kristie a new phone, her's is falling out. Best Buy has been missing me anyway. tonight we are going to Grant and Emily's for a cookout.

there you have it. that's what you missed. i'll get pictures up asap.

in Peace


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