Friday, April 30, 2004


i got this computer a couple of weeks ago and everything is great. yesterday i download the new iTunes update (4.5) and the new iPod update. well, i connect my iPod and it tells me that something is not right and that i need to restore my iPod's settings. so i do that and connect it again, it freezes iTunes. i disconnect, get on the phone with applecare and it still freezes. michelle (from applecare) and i do some diagnostics and it still freezes. she then tries to connect me with a specialist, we get disconnected. i call back, and get gus (another specialist) and he says that we've tried everything and that i need to send my iPod in to get repaired. booooo.

so basically, my iPod took a big dump on me this week.

guess what else? i ordered a new golf bag from nike and it came a few days ago. i open the box only to find that it has been extremely damaged in transit. so i call and they send me a new one while i send back the damaged one. the new one arrived on wednesday and it was fine. also, my new nike irons arrived today! i have to drop them off at golf galaxy tomorrow to get lengthened and to get the lie adjusted. then i will be the


i'm also waiting for a new bible to come in. it is a greek and hebrew keyword study bible. i can't wait!

anyway, i'm off to a men's deal at church tomorrow, so that will be nice. then off to the cardinals vs. cubs in the evening. i hope we don't get rained out. everyone keep it real.


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