Sunday, May 02, 2004

back in business....

so i took my iPod back into the apple store today and they handed me a new one. that was easy. (sorry Phil) so, i'm back in the mix if you will, and i'm pretty happy about it.

it was nice. my warranty was still valid and the exchange was no problem. if it had been a few days later, without the applecare prgram, i would have had to pay another $30 to get my replacement iPod.

it's nice how God doesn't do that. when we come to God with our dirty, sinful, broken trash selves He could say, "sorry, your warranty is past due, we can't do anything for you. you're welcomed to purchase a new you." or "that's going to be $$$ to fix this. come back in a couple weeks, we're going to have to send this broken you back to the manufacturer for repair." He doesn't do that though. instead, God says, "here, here is My Son. He has paid the price for your broken self. believe in Him and you will recieve your new self." we didn't come with a warranty, we are "as is" and God doesn't care. He wants us with Him, so he took care of the repair fees ahead of time, so that when we realize we are broken we only need to humbley come to Him and He'll take us back, no questions asked.


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