Wednesday, April 28, 2004

the day is mine!

today is the day! the old crooner is going home. if he makes a cd, i might listen to it before i buy it, but within his genre he'll probably sound great. i wish him the very best of luck in all his endevours. have fun at school and enjoy life.

now as far as all of this "american idol is racist" crap, what are people talking about? i am getting very tired of these uneducated statements. the chinese community didn't get in an uproar when william hung didn't even make the show. the islands of hawaii didn't pull the racism card when one of their two representatives were voted off. so why is there an outcry of racism when a black contestant is voted off? i was just as amazed by that bottom three, but you have to look at the entire show. if we want to break it down into races, four white contestants and one hawaiin contestant were voted off in the first five weeks! then ONE black person, who happened to be a good singer. and tonight another WHITE contestant went home out of a Black contestant, a Hawaiin contestant, and a White contestant in the bottom three. so stop pulling your racist card everytime something happens to a black person. the next thing you know jesse jackson is going to be on the show.


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