Friday, October 10, 2003

"Last night, at the college small group we were talking about the dangers of gossip, etc. We had a really good discussion going—defined it, determined how we could know if we’ve crossed the line into it, why we love it (Proverbs 18:8—interesting Proverb) and then we settled in to discuss what we’ve seen it do in the lives of others. Lots of folks were sharing some really good insights and such and then this one very small, quiet girl spoke up. She’s been coming for a while but like I said, is very quiet. Well, she shared how this one girl started a rumor about her once and how it alienated her in her church family and school. It was quite the little story and we were all surprised to hear this small little girl speak up. When she was finished, I said, “Wow. What did you do?” Her response: “I found her and kicked the crap out of her. I wanted to do more, but well…there’s a restraining order.” The group response: silence.

The moral of the story: The smallest, quietest person in a small group Bible study may actually be a ninja.

The end."

this could possibly be the best story ever! thank you brian lowery.


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