Wednesday, October 01, 2003

::.. highlites ..::
so my big highlite this week is that kristie's birthday was yesterday! we had a great time. we went to the butterfly house out to sushi for dinner. it was wonderful.

so the other day kristie and i were going through the starbucks drive through and i ordered my first drink. "and then....?" was the reply on the speaker box. this sparked my curiousity and so i ordered my next drink. "and then....?" came the reply. i was stunned. so i said "no and then." "and then?" "no and then." "and then?" "NO AND THEN!" hahaha. it was awesome. dude, where's my car? is one of the greatest stupid movies ever. that really made my day.

in other news.....
check out this article about some guys ruining what might have been a pretty good season for the redbirds.


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