Friday, May 23, 2003

it's been so long......

life has been busy lately.... mini-camps, dogs, workouts, errands, stuff, etc...... but life has also been good. we are still married, and it couldn't get better. i love my wife so much.
owen is getting so big, and we have new pics! he has lost a couple of teeth and new teeth are coming in. he is 16 weeks this week and still growing. he weighs over 21lbs now. he is a great part of our family.
:: well...... ::
american idol is over isn't it. and rueben won didn't he.... what's up with that? i think that it is interesting that simon said they were going to record and release both of their records at the same time. so we'll see what the tale of the sales says. phil, i hadn't heard about josh going back to active duty, where did you hear that? personally, i think that clay should have won this thing but he will be around regardless. 1300 people isn't that big of a margin to be worried about. i do know that i won't buy rueben's record. i personally don't like his voice. for that matter, i probably won't buy clay's record either. i just don't buy cd's. i'll just find the songs that i like on the net. as fars as images go, i think that it is hard to find a hot superstar with a great talent. it is so easy to make someones voice in today's industry that it is easier to find the hot superstar and make them sound good.
we watched miyazaki's spirited away this afternoon. it's really good. go check out the website for miyazaki's other films=> and rent the movie.
i hope that everyone has a great memorial day weekend and that your cookouts all go safely.


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