Monday, October 11, 2004

so, this is what's going on....

God is good. He is providing the things we need while i don't have a job.

yes, i am not with a team still, as of today. we'll see how the rest of today goes, and tomorrow. something could happen.

i'm doing a couple things in between. i am starting at 24 hour fitness this week as a personal trainer. i won't be training right away, but will be learning. it's not a great pay job until i start training, but that doesn't happen until november.
i'm talking with a Northwest Mutual group about selling financial solutions. i have another meeting this friday.
i'm also talking with a couple guys about computer jobs. some sales positions and other things, i have a meeting about that tomorrow.

in the free time i have between all of that, i'm teaching myself PHP. it is going well. i forgot how much i liked programming. it's coming back pretty easily.

kristie is due in a few weeks. we are going over labor exercises and relaxation for the delivery. it could be any time now. we are meeting our pediatrician today, and we have another doctors appt next week. it's getting so close! we are really excited!


At 12:42 PM, October 13, 2004, Blogger LW said...


Andy - great to hear that the job search is moving forward! Good for you! Just keep your eyes and ears open...opportunity is always just around the corner!

Kristie - Baby baby baby!!! Hope things are going great with the pregnancy! You are so close, please keep us all updated!!

Miss you and love you!



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