Saturday, October 02, 2004

public acclamation...

sometimes it's not enough to just give God a word of praise in your prayers. sometimes you just have to shout about it and tell everyone about how incredible He is.

God is just plain awesome! we have been blessed in this place. this church family is so loving and giving. we have friends from the team that are true friends and God is using all of them to bless us.

so this is just a shout out to God for the blessings that He is giving. He has already heard all of this, but i'm sure He won't get a big head if i'm saying it again.

good verse: Jeremiah 29:11


At 12:15 PM, October 05, 2004, Blogger Dennis said...

How is the team search going? I know it is rough but it will all work out, keep the faith. Give me a call sometime.


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