Friday, February 27, 2004

we're back!

kristie and i are home and what better place to start things off, than on the throne!

san diego was fantastic! the PAO conference was great. we learned so much about what God wants for our marriage and how we should treat each other. we took a "compatability test and i'll post up about that soon. over all, we had a great time both getting to know new friends and growing with old friends.

we stayed a couple extra days and went to the zoo and to sea world. we had a terrific time at both. sea world was probably the highlight of our little mini-vaca but we did do some other things. also more about that later.

we tivo'd lots of stuff while we were gone. the obnoxious fiance finale was really good. it was good to see that american idol has gotten better talent. and the "don" has fired a couple more people. (although i was sad to see omarosa NOT leave, it was good to see tammy DID leave)

ok, it's time to fold clothes, so i'm going to get to gettin'........ oh yeah

saw The Passion of Christ on wednesday.......


more about that too. love you guys.


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