Sunday, February 15, 2004

Ode to my wife

God truly blessed me when He made my wife.

She is beautiful, gorgeous, graceful, brilliant, thoughtful, caring, loving, gracious, forgiving, and incredible. She brightens my day and lights up my night.

She has a mother's heart and we don't have children yet. She goes out of her way to to good and to take care of people. It is with the love of Jesus that she does this.

She puts Christ first and then our marriage. She honors me as her husband and yet treats me as a friend. She is constantly yearning for a deeper knowledge of scripture and a closer relationship with God, her Father.

She is an amazing cook. She takes pride in taking care of our home and our pets. She is playful and always smiling.

I love her so much. Everyday, I see her grow more and more beautiful. Her face, her eyes, her body, all of her is exciting to me.

God truly blessed me when he made Kristian Danielle Davis, and I thank Him every day for her.

I love you Kristie, you are everything to me in this world. You are second only to the Living God because without Him, I wouldn't have you.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary


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