Thursday, December 25, 2003

::.. merry christmas ..::

merry christmas everyone! Jesus is born and we can all celebrate. i love christmas and everything that it is about. i also love getting presents (as most of you know)!

i got tivo today! i'm so excited! i wonder if they will hook me up on christmas?! i got a bunch of other really cool stuff too...... movies, clothes, socks, a pen, snow boots, a backgammon board. awesome!

kristie got a bike! she has wanted one since she was little. she was soo excited she cried a little! i love surprising her and getting gifts she really likes. we will have fun riding on the katy trail (a bike trail that goes along the river).

so, it was a great christmas. i talked to my grandma who turned 80 today! i love my grandparents, they are really sweet.

merry christmas
God bless


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