Thursday, November 30, 2006

and we're off...

ok, it's 9:30 and we're getting things ready to go in the morning. same ol' story, we are waiting until the last minute to pack the bags.
the weather is not cooperating with us. it is icy here and we'll probably get snow tomorrow, exciting!

you'll see posts on here over the weekend WITH pictures. no worries. we're so excited for this baby! i need to go make sure all the ipods, computers, video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm cameras and everything else electronic are ready to go. have a good night and say a prayer for us:
getting to the hospital on time and safely tomorrow
c-section going well, pray for doctor Knight
kristie hates IV's and needles, pray that the epidural goes well and kristie is ok
caleb is running a fever, pray that he feels better soon

good night...


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