Thursday, March 24, 2005

rockin' utrecht...

well... i'm here. the plane ride over seas kicks butt. i had my own personal tv screen. we could pick from about 15 different movies to watch, all kinds of stuff.
the flight was about 8 hours, then another flight from london to amsterdam. then we took a bus to utrecht.

the time difference wasn't too bad, i'm adjusted now and practices are underway. we've gotten to see some of the city and it's not too bad, other than the fact that i can't understand a single word of spoken or written dutch. good thing is many people speak english.

kristie is coming at the beginning of april. i can't wait. i'm missing then pretty hard. i've got the baby bed in my room already and i've shopped for diapers and baby food. good times.

hope everyone has a great Easter. He is Risen!


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