Sunday, March 30, 2003

God is good...

happy sunday to you all. hope you all are enjoying this afternoon. i haven't been on this since my last (only) entry and it seems to be taking a shape of its own. as you can see we have a real zoo going on inside the walls of our apt. andy and i decided a while back to get a new hobby... after much thought - we picked carpet cleaning. (and i don't mean with steam cleaners and other professional tools.) nope - good ole poop and pee cleaning with old rags and pet odor/cleaning spray is what we came up with, you should all give it a try. we have discovered this passion inside of us for this unique hobby of p 'n p cleaning. but, joking aside, i love our new puppy. i have never raised a dog before so this is a treat. having this new responsibilty is awesome. so no "human" babies for some time... sorry dad. hehehe. oops, owen is urgently needing to go out. bye for now. love ya, kris


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